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In my  book i will show several different techniques i created over the years NONE of the techniques shown are useless methods that are just gathered together,I utilized ALL these methods and the greater majority are UNIQUE  AND EXCLUSIVE to me! NONE of these methods involve technical studies or overbought/oversold indicators! NEVER needed them,NEVER had any use for them and NEVER will!

I will show methods that are favorable to the scalper and longer term intraday daytrader. There are gap techniques and split/even open techniques. I will show how to use each one in detailed description with illustrations when necessary on ACTUAL charts. There are different techniques for you to choose from,I am certain there is at least one if not several that MORE than justify the small cost of my book. And as always i have contact information for any help you need but the truth is ,I never used any technique i thought difficult to use. and all examples are on ACTUAL charts!

I even have a technique that has had a very high success rate statistically in predicting the possible high/low in a trender day.

There is plenty to go around so i have no more concern sharing my best ideas and techniques!

The techniques are for any market that has the sufficent volatility to afford daytrading signals. Stocks,bonds,indexes etc.

If interested just drop me an email with any questions !

In my opinion there is no reason why anyone needs or should pay thousands to learn to daytrade. Most daytrading methods or anything i have ever used or seen anyone else use is not technically esoteric that requires weeks or months of schooling to learn that justifies a several hundred or thousand dollar tuition. I can teach one of the best techniques in the book in 15 minutes of face to face conversation if i had the opportunity to speak face to face with a client. 
These people who feel asking thousands of dollars are trying to in effect say that by charging you so much, it in a way guarantees success or the method is so good its worth so much. The simplest method that you could as well learn for free from a trading buddy may be all you were ever looking for and could work well if not better.
The illusion is created that some mystery method  is why the thousands of dollars price tag is asked. You stand no better chance the more you pay. Trading success has more to do with you than any method.
I look to give you some ideas and direction. I dont see asking thousands of dollars to do so. I have simple techniques that always worked for me,Will they work for you has more to do with you and nothing to do with the price.
I function as having some knowledge you may not have and/or an idea or inspiration maybe not yet realized by yourself. For that i charge a small price for my work in putting my manual together and sharing it with you.
Is my price indicative of the value you will get? Just because i am not asking a lot does not mean your not getting good ideas,As i said before they are easy to convey and it takes little effort to teach.
If you have paid thousands before and are now skeptical,consider that a lesson learned. I have some great ideas and there is PLENTY to go around,I do not fear my techniques becoming ineffective which is a big myth.These markets are huge, I dont mind sharing.
There is an approach or technique in my manual for pretty much any style of daytrader . It is well worth your while to pick up a copy for your arsenal!