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My name is Brad and i own Archer Equities which publishes the Marketmariner Manual and administrates the MarketMariner Daytrade chat which i run at occasion on PalTalk.
I am 40 years of age and have been involved in daytrading futures for almost 8 years now. I am CONSTANTLY finding my interest in the futures market expand through innovating market trading techniques. I have always depended on dry chart techniques utilizing no tech studies and always striving for simplicity.
In my off time i enjoy traveling and am an avid fitness enthusiast and am currently working to receive ISSA Personal Trainer Certification.
I am a car enthusiast and enjoy driving some interesting street project machines as well as a Harley Davidson enthusiast.
I live in New Hampshire and have lived in the same area my entire life. I love New England. I am also a huge New England Patriots fan!