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Market Mariner Emini and SP 500 Daytrading


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What to expect

I have developed a simple methodology for generating intraday signals to determine direction,trigger point,objective point and risk point all known BEFORE a signal is triggered,Using price action based percentages of market action. It is solely reactive and makes prediction unnecessary and eliminates the need for top or bottom predictions.I use quicker short term signals. The price reaction alone gives the signals.
There are no lagging Tech studies or fundamental opinions which vary to determine which direction to look for or meet objective.Signal trigger points and signal exit points are known before a signal is triggered.

*How to see the market without complex technical or value studies!
*How to quickly and easily determine which direction to look for signals right at market open!
*Exactly what price the signal should be triggered AND its target!..No guessing when to exit the market!
*Exact risk point on every signal BEFORE the signal is triggered!
*Exact screen setup...Super simple since no tech studies are used!
* The POWER V`s ...This is a must have!

Learn to Navigate the sometimes not so friendly Market!


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